About Charlotte

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My name is Charlotte Bryan. I am a dog trainer and I am passionate about everything dogs, from dog training and behaviour shaping to overall canine wellbeing. I have been training dogs since I was 11 years old when my third dog Milo was born. Since then I have been training dogs in tricks, stunts, general obedience and behaviour shaping. In 2020, I will be studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology at the University of Queensland (UQ) and succeeding that will be commencing my studies in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours Program) at UQ in 2021.

Since volunteering at the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCARS) since early 2019, I have encountered a massive number of dogs, each with its unique personality and querks. What fascinates me is the inner workings of a dog’s mind- why dogs do the things they do and how you can train a dog to do what you want. As a dog trainer I also believe that every dog deserves a chance, that no dog’s are “bad” dogs and that any dog of any age can be trained to do anything (just it may take a little longer and require a little more patience!).

I began Paws, Claws & Tails because I want to help other dog owners and dog enthusiasts to train their own dogs. My goal is to help reduce the number of dogs in shelters and rescue centers (because too many are surrendered due to lack of training or behavioural problems). These were not the reasons why I started training dogs however. I started training my dogs because eleven year old me wanted to have some cool tricks up my sleeve to show off. The first trick I ever taught Milo was to spin. I remember I was teaching her this trick when I was actually supposed to be in bed asleep haha! But I found it absolutely mind-blowing that after just a few repetitions, I could say “spin” and Milo would spin in a  circle. It was such a mind-blowing experience that I wanted to do more. And that is what sparked by dog-training passion.

My passion for dog training now extends well into the world of dog sports. My favourite dog sports are canine freestyle (dances with dogs), dog agility, disc dog (frisbee), flyball, hoopers and dock diving. I also love training dogs to perform particular roles within society including; therapy/assistance work, search and rescue, tracking, substance detection, police and military work, surf life saving, special ops are so much more. To be honest, I think my greatest passion is training animals for tv and film.

Do you need a dog for your next tv show, commercial or feature film? Read about Frankie >

There are many ways to train dogs, I am a strong advocate for positive reinforcement. I believe very strongly that a high-value reward should be the motiviation for your dog to do something for you and your dog should not be motivated to ‘escape a punishment’. After all, we want all training sessions to be a positive, confidence-building experience.

Why Am I Unique?

why am I unqiue?

Paws, Claws & Tails

brand values, beliefs, vision etc.

Why Choose Me?

what I offer that others don’t

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Services I Provide

Although I am able to accommodate any of your dog training or behaviour needs, my services can be broadly categorised into four groups:

  1. In Home Dog Training (in home obedience and socialisation- or introduction if youve recently adopted an adult dog. Help it get settled)
  2. Dog Behaviour Consultations (for those canine behaviour problems that you cannot seem to overcome)
  3. Puppy Training (all training to do with your new puppy – I can also help you prepare for your puppy before the day you bring it home)
  4. Trick training – teach doggy actors complex tricks for their next role.

I am also selling an Ebook on raising the perfect puppy as well as an online course that you complete in real time as your dog ages and matures.

Locations I Service

I service dogs and owners in the South East Queensland Region, primarily Gatton and the Sunshine Coast.


Gatton & Surrounding Areas

  • Gatton QLD 4343
  • Forest Hill QLD 4342
  • Lawes QLD
  • Regency Downs QLD 4341
  • Placid Hills QLD 4343
  • Lower Tenthill QLD 4343
  • Adare QLD 4343
  • Laidley QLD 4341
  • Laidley North QLD 4341
  • Laidley Heights QLD 4341
  • Grantham QLD 4347
  • Veradilla QLD 4347
  • Glenore Grove QLD 4342
  • Helidon QLD 4344
  • Ma Ma Creek QLD 4347
  • Lockyer Valley QLD
  • Lockyer QLD 4344

Sunshine Coast

  • Sunshine Coast QLD
  • Mooloolaba QLD 4557
  • Alexandra Headlands QLD
  • Maroochydore QLD 4572
  • Kawana QLD 4575
  • Buddina QLD 4575
  • Warana QLD 4575
  • Bokarina QLD 4575
  • Wurtulla QLD 4575
  • Birtinya QLD 4575
  • Sippy Downs QLD 4556
  • Parrearra QLD 4575
  • Mountain Creek QLD 4557
  • Buderim QLD 4556
  • Tanawha QLD 4556
  • Palmview QLD 4553
  • Glenview QLD 4553
  • Meridan Plains QLD 4551
  • Forest Glen QLD 4556
  • Chevallum QLD 4555
  • Woombye QLD 4559
  • Palmwoods QLD 4555
  • Eudlo QLD 4554
  • Kunda Park QLD 4556
  • Kuluin QLD 4558
  • Twin Waters QLD 4564
  • Mudjimba QLD 4564
  • Marcoola QLD 4564
  • Coolum QLD 4573

I can serve locations outside the ones listed above however this will incur a travel fee of $15 per 10km

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