Canine Freestyle

Canine Freestyle (or dances with dogs) is a contemporary dog sport that incorporates a mixture of dog tricks, dog obedience and dance- all of which are shaped in a routine and performed to music.

Dogs can be penalised for the following reasons:

  • Dogs refuse a trick (or are cued by the handler more than once before completing it)
  • Exiting the ring before the routine is over (unless handler or dog accidentally steps outside the ring during the performance)

Any dogs can participate in canine freestyle- unlike other dog sports such as dog agility (which requires dogs that have good agility, speed and coordination). However dogs commonly seen in the ring include:

  • border collies
  • poodles
  • golden retrievers
  • german shepherds
  • belgian malinois
  • australian shepherds
  • papillons
  • shetland sheepdogs

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