Dog Model

Frankie is a 6 month old Border Collie – dog model for hire.

Frankie knows a variety of tricks including:

  • spin (both directions)
  • reverse away from you
  • turn and back up through legs
  • place his front paws on any object
  • place his back paws on any object
  • retrieve
  • bring objects
  • pick objects up or put them down
  • recall
  • sit
  • stay
  • roll over (both directions)
  • put his paws on handler’s shoulders
  • cock his head to one side
  • get on objects/get off objects
  • sit pretty
  • bow
  • high five (with both paws)
  • target (touch any object with paw)
  • touch (touch any object with nose)
  • army crawl
  • wear halter/muzzle
  • wear any dog clothes
  • play dead
  • circle handler or objects
  • run around handler or objects in reverse (i.e. backwards)
  • go sit on a seat
  • go to bed
  • go into his crate
  • tug on any object

Frankie is friendly and highly trainable. Frankie can be quickly trained to interact with your products in a variety of settings.

Based in the Sunshine Coast, Frankie is available for hire throughout Queensland*. Please click here to enquire.

*Travel fees may apply